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Interactions Program

Daly Grove school is a Division site for Interactions and we currently have two dedicated classes.  Interactions programming supports students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  ASD impacts how people understand what they see, hear and sense.  This lifelong disability can result in difficulties in communication, social relationships, behaviour or learning.  Although some students with ASD achieve at grade level, many have uneven or delayed achievement.  Our district outlines the goals, benefits, program delivery and eligibility requirements below:


  • Improve communication, social interaction and behaviour while developing academic skills


  • Demonstrate growth in communication skills
  • Demonstrate growth in building and maintaining relationships, and understanding social situations
  • Demonstrate growth in managing frustration and problem-solving
  • Improved ability to handle change or challenging emotions (e.g. anxiety)
  • Development of life skills to support independent living and employment


  • Structured classroom environment with regular routines
  • Smaller classes for more targeted instruction
  • Visual aids, concrete examples and hands-on activities
  • Frequent praise and other meaningful rewards to help students adopt positive behaviours and attitudes
  • Opportunities to join other classes for instruction in a student’s area of strength

Students at Daly Grove must be in grades 1-6, clinically diagnosed with ASD and demonstrating stereotyped behaviours, and have severe impairment in social interactions and communication. Contact the school office for information about eligibility and special education programming options.


Please watch these videos to learn more about the Interactions Program at Edmonton Public Schools. 

Interactions General Information Video

Interactions Information Video for Elementary

Interactions Information Video for Jr and Sr. High