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School Profile

Daly Grove School was opened in 1989 and is named after Thomas Daly, an early pioneer settler. The location of the school was once an apple orchard in which Thomas Daly resided. 
Daly Grove School’s motto, “Working. learning, growing...together” captures our core beliefs and values. We recognize that everyone in our school community has important work to do. The jobs may be different, but they are all valued. We recognize that all members of our school community are 21st century learners. Students receive excellent instruction; staff participates in continuing professional growth; parents can access assistance in becoming effective supports for their children’s learning. We recognize that school’s responsibility to promote students; academic, physical, emotional and social growth so that they become the best they can be in school, work and life. We recognize that together, we’re better. Our school has a vital role to play in our community and our community has a vital role to play in our school.