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Lunch & Nutrition

We strongly believe that a break from the school building and from school routines, and a walk in the fresh air are important for school children during the lunch hour. We encourage parents to have their children get a break and eat lunch away from school either at home or a caregiver’s. However, we can appreciate that family circumstances necessitate a child having to stay at school for lunch, and in these situations we are able to provide assistance.
Daly Grove students who choose to stay at school for the lunch-time and live within walking boundaries of the school are required to pay a fee for lunch supervision. Students who do not live in our catchment (neighbourhood) and choose to stay for lunch are required to pay a fee for lunch program supervision. Students who live in the Laurel Northwest community who pay for bussing will receive lunch-time supervision at no cost to the parents.
Students staying at school for lunch are supervised during an outdoor play period for half of the lunch hour and eat their lunch indoors during the other half of the time, sitting at their own desks in their classrooms. Currently we have seven lunch supervisors supporting our students during this time. 
The fee for students who stay at school for lunch daily is $10.60 per child/per month due on the first school day of each month or $106.00 for the year. A drop-in-fee will be charged to students staying occasionally $2.00/day per child. Children staying for lunch to attend choir or school related activities will not be charged a drop-in-fee.  
School lunch program services may be suspended for children whose behaviour requires a level of service greater than the school can provide. Parents will be notified and the child will be given the opportunity to meet behaviour expectations before such a decision is made by the Principal. 
Due to health and safety considerations, there no microwaves available in the lunch program effective. Provincial health and safety regulations, plus time and space constraints necessitate this change in our lunch program. Stude
NOTE: Students who leave the school for lunch are not to return to school before 12:10 p.m.
Parents or community members who would like to apply to work as regular or substitute lunch supervisors (paid position) should call the Daly Grove School office at 780-450-1532 for application information. Security clearances are required.
In the interest of promoting good nutrition and dental care, the consumption of gum, candy, soft drinks, and junk food is not encouraged in the school or on the playground. Your assistance in helping your child make healthy food choices and in supporting this focus on nutrition by not sending such foods in your child’s lunch is greatly appreciated. 
Each year, we have a number of children with severe allergies that may result in life threatening conditions. As a result, certain precautions may be taken in the classroom and specific school areas, including the identification or a classroom as “allergy friendly.” Parents and students are expected to adhere to the guidelines laid out in these instances. Please do not send any food items containing any type of nuts, or nut product, peanut butter, Nutella etc. to school as we do have several students with severe allergies to these products.
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