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Lunch & Nutrition


Students living within a reasonable distance of the school are encouraged to return home for lunch where feasible.

As an additional service to parents and caregivers, Lunch Supervisors are hired staff on duty throughout the lunch break to supervise the students. It is the policy of Edmonton Public Schools that school lunch programs be operated at no cost to the Division. The school must recover the costs involved in providing this service. 

  • Parents complete a form to register to stay for lunch time (also available electronically  Schoolzone).
  • Families who have children stay for lunch pay lunchroom fees with the exception of families who live in the Laurel Northwest community AND pay for bus service. 
  • All Edmonton Public Schools set lunch fees using a standard formula. 

The fee for students who stay at school for lunch daily is $16 per child/per month (as per the 2023/2024 fee schedule, this is subject to change).  Occasional stays are $2.00 per student and are billed at the end of the month via schoolzone!


The safety of all children is our first priority.  To accommodate the medical needs of children with severe allergies we promote allergy awareness and have a NUT AWARE policy.  If there is a student in your child’s class with a severe or life-threatening allergy, you may be asked to avoid sending any nut products with your child to school.  We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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