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Registration for the 2017-2018 school year will commenced February 2017. To register your child the following steps are required:
1. Complete an EPSB Registration Form
• Pink Registration form can be picked up at the school
• Or can be filled out on line at: Edmonton Public Registration
2. Provide eligible documentation for proof of Legal Name, Age, Citizenship and Residency
ONLY the following documents can be used to verify the student's legal name and age:
• Alberta birth certificate
• Canadian birth certificate
• Vital Statistics document
• Canadian citizenship document
• Passport
• Student Visa, Parent Work Visa
• Immigration documentation
If acceptable documents are unavailable at the time of registration, a temporary declaration is acceptable until appropriate documentation is provided. Residency is determined by the parent’s address and whether or not the parent/guardian is Roman Catholic.
• Proof of residency, address verification, operator’s license, utility bill, lease agreement, property tax bill, other 
If you would like further information about registering for an Edmonton Public School please visit our District website